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Programs and Registration

Absolute Athlete offers comprehensive and personalized speed and strength training programs for athletic performance and injury rehabilitation. We teach fundamentals of neuromuscular integration and movement to improve balance, speed, strength, power and agility.


In our classes, we help individuals to better understand their bodies through corrective exercise designed to establish smooth and elongated neuromuscular movement. Athletes learn specialized routines that re-wire the nervous system to react and seek balance for optimal leverage and body position. By increasing efficiency of movement, we eliminate wasted energy and thereby maximize athletic and technical performance.


Optimal Positioning = Optimal Leverage = Optimal Balance, Power, Agility, (etc.




Semi-private Training


For those who want a dedicated personal training program. Head Trainer Cary Hiner assesses each individual through neuromuscular and biomechanical testing, including measurement of the skeletal system and range of motion in the joints. Based on this assessment, a performance trend and injury potential profile is created, allowing for the development of a gradually progressive training program that establishes natural and fluid biomechanical movement before ramping up intensity. This develops a healthy foundation for future growth and injury prevention, allowing for greater and greater gains in performance over time. Semi-private training sessions consist of 1-3 people of similar athletic performance, and all groups will be highly functional. 



Group Training 

Click on the program titles below for more information. 


Core and Movement (Emphasizing Golf)

  • Maximum of 15 people

  • Check Calendar for current program times and locations

Description: Adult group (ages 18+) emphasizing fluid biomechanics in golf-specific movement, tissue regeneration and rehabilitation, and injury prevention. Personalized programs are designed for individual goals and performance. 


B.L.A.S.T. Speed and Agility Training

  • Maximum of 15 people

  • Check Calendar​ for current program times and locations

Description: Student Athlete groups (ages 6-18) emphasizing fundamental movement and efficient technique for explosive power, injury prevention, and body control for sports performance. 



Participation Forms


Before training in any Absolute Athlete activity, athletes must fill out a 'Medical Questionnaire' and a 'Release of Liability'. Access these forms here. Please print and fill out before your first session, and give them to instructor upon arrival.


Please also fill out the Absolute Athlete Registration Form


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