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Students in the B.L.A.S.T. program learn how to achieve momentum (balance) through ideal body positioning, to create leg drive (leverage), while controlling and sequencing specific neuromuscular movements to establish a stable base (anchor), which allows healthy and regenerative development of strength and speed through the Absolute Athlete methodology (Training Techniques). 


3644 Airway Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95403 |  Tel: 707-583-5720

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"Cary is a natural genius in analyzing human athletic potential and implementing programs designed to achieve that potential. Cary's training connects the brain and the body to create and build upon the foundation for skill development, athletic conditioning and injury prevention. As a PGA golf professional who has given over 50,000 lessons, Cary's perspective and knowledge of bio- mechanics has made me a better golf instructor."

- Dave Johnson / PGA Golf Instructor / Director of Instruction Rooster Run Golf Club

- Pat Coleman, M.D.

Both of my children have worked with Cary over the past 5 years. His approach to technique and the fundamentals of speed are unique in this area. Cary’s training focuses on strengthening the core muscles and improving technique, not just running wind sprints. This translates into an increase in explosive speed and healthy strength that reduces injury. By working on the fundamentals, and explaining to the athletes how and why it will make them faster, Cary helps them buy in to the program. We saw immediate improvements within the first month and continue to see benefit. Both of my children, as well as other student athletes I’ve observed working with Cary, have increased their strength and speed on the field as well as the court, track and cross country course."

After starting working out with Cary, I won the 2015 North Coast Professional Golfers’ Association (NCPGA) Player of the Year award. I am now driving the ball 10 yards farther and have gained 4 m.p.h. in club speed. Some other personal trainers seem to feel that more is better, and that type of program has not helped me. But with Cary, I actually have been able to translate the exercises we do into my golf swing. Cary is very good about taking things slowly, working on getting the proper form down, and making sure everything is connected throughout the entire workout. I have seen big improvements toward my goals of being stronger, more flexible, and having a more interconnected golf swing. I will definitely keep doing the program and see what else I can accomplish in 2016.

- Jason Schmuhl / PGA Head Professional / Windsor Golf Club


Cary Hiner


Congratulations to Scooby Wright III! Absolute Athlete since 2005, Drafted in 2016 NFL Draft and Now At NFL Camp in Cleveland!

At Absolute Athlete, Head Trainer Cary Hiner teaches a complete athletic program developed through 25 years of training for elite performance and injury recovery. Cary works with diverse populations, including elite athletes, young student athletes, and injured/disabled persons. Cary Hiner is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (C.P.T., C.E.S., P.E.S., G.F.S., Y.E.S), the Titleist Performance Institute, and Exos (formerly Athlete’s Performance). Cary has been an invited guest at the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association (CSCCA) since 2004. Cary has developed aspiring athletes into elite performers in MLS, NFL, MLB, the NBA and the PGA.


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