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Core and Movement Program
(emphasizing golf)





Absolute Athlete provides core and movement training designed to produce greater swing power and reduce injuries through increased neuromuscular integration. Our personalized approach starts with the identification and correction of underactive and overactive muscles resulting in the body not being able to support itself appropriately, such as tightness in hips/low back/hamstrings/ shoulders/neck/chest etc. that inhibits the natural golf swing. In this class, athletes learn specialized routines that train the mind and body to react and seek balance for optimal leverage and body position. Our dynamic warm-up increases efficiency of movement to eliminate wasted energy and maximize technique.


Our golf program is focused on core control – the body’s ability to control the core muscles that enable greater range of motion and power throughout the golf swing. Lengthening, activation, and integration of the neuromuscular system establishes proper swing sequence and allows for greater range of motion and enhanced strength in elongation.


Regular Attendees of the Core and Movement Program:

- Jason Schmuhl, 2015 NCPGA Player of the Year, PGA Head Professional Windsor Golf Club

- Dave Johnson, PGA Golf Instructor, Director of Instruction Rooster Run Golf Club

- John Groth, Golfing Amateur, Winner of the San Francisco City Golf Championship 



  • Basic Details/Logistics:

    • Check Calendar​ for current program times and locations

    • Program rates available to train once, twice, or three times per week

    • Maximum of 15 people

    • Before starting program, golfers must have ‘Initial Assessment and Introduction to Training Techniques’ (free with three- and six-month contracts)



  • Initial Assessment and Introduction to Training Techniques

    • Three-hour initial assessment and introduction ($150; free with three- and six-month contracts)

    • Initial assessment – 90 minutes

      • Injury trends and biomechanics

        • Where most likely to be injured

        • Susceptibility to back problems

        • Identification of muscle tightness

        • Identification of hypermobility

        • Identification of asymmetry in the body

        • Walking gait mechanics

      • Performance trends

        • Woodway treadmill assessment for motor control, endurance, and heart-rate

        • Biolever Assessment for advantage and strength ranges

    • Private Introductory Session - 90 minutes

      • Learn Dynamic Warm-Up

      • Woodway treadmill workout

      • Mobility and movement training - learn how to use stick, ball, and foam roller

      • Learn biomechanics


  • Athletic Testing

    • Testing will be documented in personal 'athletic intelligence profile' binder for each athlete

    • Identifying weak and underperforming muscles that produce problems in swing

    • Identifying problems in muscle fascia that can inhibit muscles, causing tightness and lack of range of motion

    • Flexibility and strength tests:

      • Pelvic tilt test

      • Pelvic rotation test

      • Torso rotation test

      • Overhead squat test

      • Toe touch test

      • 90-90 test

      • Single leg balance test

      • Lat length test

      • Lower quarter rotation test

      • Seated trunk rotation test

      • Bridge with leg rotation

      • Cervical rotation test

      • Forearm rotation test

      • Wrist hinge test

      • Wrist flexion/extension test

      • Reach/roll and lift test


Every athlete's story is unique. Your training program should be too.
Register your information by clicking here or call or e-mail to discuss program rates and how to begin. 

3644 Airway Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95403 |  Tel: 707-583-5720


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